Chaos League

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di Nina Runa Essendrop.
Game assistant: Caroline Koren Raffnsøe
Time: 4 hours
Players: 8 – 18

Keywords: refugees, silence, cultures dialogue
Language: any (game without words)

Strangers describes two cultures in neighbouring countries. Not friends and not enemies, each minding their own business. Then catastrophe hits one country, forcing the inhabitants to flee and seek refuge among their foreign neighbors.
Strangers is an abstract larp which uses physical methods such as sign language and simple movement routines to create two cultures and the feeling of belonging or not belonging to these. During the larp the people from one country has to flee their land and live in the other country, where they don’t know the language or the way to go about everyday life. It aims to explore refugees trying to fit in, and the reactions among the people they try to fit in amongst.

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